Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama

International Workshop Series

Friday, November 28, 2014 - 7:30pm to Sunday, November 30, 2014 - 6:15pm

Skye & Naomi each discovered Lindy Hop at an early age. Both began performing, competing and teaching while still in their teens. Over a decade later they can boast some of the top titles including the International Lindy Hop Championships, US Open and World Lindy Hop Championships. Naomi, originally from Washington DC and Skye, originally from Ithaca, NY, have been lucky enough to travel the globe spreading their love of the dance, from Seoul, South Korea to Seattle, Washington, to the renowned Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden and everywhere in between. Naomi also has a beautiful singing voice and performs with some of the top national Swing bands including the Gordon Webster Band, the Boilermaker Jazz Band and Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five. (She’ll be singing with Gordon at Saturday’s Uptown Swing Dance!) Both Skye and Naomi have been regular instructors at Beantown Camp and it’s exciting to have them back for their 7th weekend workshop. Last year’s was one of the best weekends ever and it must be done again! You won’t want to miss this very talented and innovative duo!

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Newton, MA Friday, November 28, 2014
Newton, MA Saturday, November 29, 2014
Newton, MA Sunday, November 30, 2014
7:30–8:30pm Rhythm & Timing Essential elements for good dancing and the perfect way to start off the weekend. No partner needed, intermediate+, previous experience required.
8:45–9:45pm Solo Jazz Excellent for working on individual dance skills, movement and rhythms. Always a fun class! Non-partner, intermediate+, but open to all levels.
9:00pm–12-00am Boston Swing Central Dance
1:00–2:00pm Beautiful Basics For beginners and anyone wanting to review or refine basics. No partner or experience needed.
2:15–3:15pm Lindy Hop Vocabulary This class follows on from C. No partner needed, all levels.
3:30–4:30pm Charleston Foundation Work on the rhythm and structure of Charleston. For beginners and anyone wanting to review or refine Charleston basics. No partner or experience needed.
8:15pm–12-30am Uptown Swing Dance
Swing Lesson 8:15–9:00pm
Gordon Webster Band featuring the vocals of Naomi Uyama
band information
plus Dance Exhibition with Skye & Naomi
12:45–1:45pm Styling & Variations Expand your possibilities and do it with style. No partner needed, intermediate+, previous experience required.
2:00–3:00pm Fancy Footwork Break out of your basics and get fancy! No partner needed, intermediate+, previous experience required.
3:15–4:15pm Lindy Hop Partner Routine, Part 1 Bring a partner, challenge yourself and learn a cool Lindy Hop routine. This year has a two-parter for twice the fun. Partner required, int/adv to adv, previous experience required.
4:30–5:30pm Lindy Hop Partner Routine, Part 2 This class follows on from Part 1. Partner required, int/adv to adv, previous experience required.
Lower Falls Community Center
545 Grove Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462
Please bring a change of clean shoes, either sneakers or soft-soled flat dance shoes.

The weekend includes three days of workshops on Friday, November 28 to Sunday, November 30, 2014 at Lower Falls Community Center, Newton, MA, plus a dance with the Gordon Webster Band at Uptown Swing on Saturday night at KI, Brookline, MA. The dance includes a performance with Skye and Naomi. The workshop registration discount deadlines are Wednesday, October 29, 2014 for the Early Bird rate and Wednesday, November 19, 2014 for the Discount rate. Some workshops have closed out in the past.

Cost per person Discounts are for the same person taking multiple workshops.
Number of Workshops
Special Full Package Discount
Payment by
September 30, 2014
Early Bird
Payment by
October 29, 2014
Payment by
November 19, 2014
Payment after
November 19, 2014
Any single workshop
Any 2 workshops
Any 3 workshops
Any 4 workshops
Any 5 workshops
Any 6 workshops
Any 7 workshops
Any 8 workshops
All 9 workshops
All 9 workshops & Uptown Swing Dance
Uptown Swing Dance
(+$14 with student ID)
(+$15 with student ID)
(+$16 with student ID)
Monthly Installment Plan Available

Registration: Full payment, or monthly installment plan, is required to hold your spot. Partners not needed except for the Lindy Hop Partner Routine classes. (If you are looking for a partner, we will help match people at the workshops.) Same price to watch workshops. If pre-registered, please arrive at least 10 minutes before your first workshop each day to allow time to check-in and warm-up. If not pre-registered, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to register. If you are not able to pre-register, submit an on-line registration form to help speed your registration on the day.

Refund Policy: There will be no refunds, however, transfers to another person will be accepted.

Shoes & Bags: Bring comfortable shoes such as clean dry sneakers or soft-soled flat dance shoes. Smoother soles have less traction and are better for easy turning and movement. (Hard soled shoes will scratch the floor finish.) Please change shoes on the entrance mat to help prevent outside wet, salt and grit from getting on the wood floor. Bags and street shoes should be left outside the gym so as to maximize the dance space.

Snacks & Drinks: You may want to bring snacks for the breaks. Juice and bottled water will be available for purchase, but there are no vending machines in the building. There are nearby places to get food, however, there is nothing close enough to the workshop location if time is short.